Dressed Cabinets  / fabric meets frame

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Dressed Cabinets are part of the new

collection of dutch design label Vij5!

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Images provided by Puck Dieben. All rights reserved.


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These ‘Dressed Cabinets’ are inspired by a childhood memory. As a little girl, Puck used to build huts by hanging bed linen on the frame of her bunkbed. Towels became sliding doors and pillowcases served as hanging baskets. As a designer, she reconsidered the same concept  and shows what textiles can do for a simple shelving unit. Owners can dress up their cabinet the way they like by weaving fabric through or around the metal frame. The tension in the fabric, created by the wooden parts, ensures the final form and functionality of the design: open or closed, formal or playful, static or dynamic. Dressed Cabinets invite adults to play with the appearance of their furniture once again.



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“The Dressed Cabinet is a product you will love immediately once you’ve seen it in action! The flexibility it offers and the endless variations that can be made with it, triggered us and makes it a good addition to the Vij5 collection. We contacted Puck and really liked her positive and cheerful attitude, so we started collaborating. Impressed by the high quality level of the prototype Puck made for her graduation, the only thing left to do was make some decisions and arranging production."


- Arjan & Anieke (Vij5)







     Elle Decoration

     December 2016/January 2017



     May/June 2017


     Design Milk

     August 2017



     September 2017


     Eigen Huis & Interieur

     Oktober 2017






     August 2018


     MD magazine

     April 2018



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Knotted  / macrame reinterpreted

'Knotted' is a design in which a traditional macrame technique is used in a new context.  Inspired by macrame bracelets that capture a decorative stone in the middle of the wrist. Puck used this technique to attach the mirror on to the knotted surface without using any other material than rope. Almost 80 meters of naturally dyed cotton rope is used to create this surface. The texture of the knotted surface, whithin the simple graphic shape of the total design, makes the mirror a tactile accessory in your interior.



Whats the matter  / unconscious play

For this project Puck explored the subject stress. The main question was: How do you make stressfull moments less likely to cause chaos in your head? Inspired by documented scientific research that demonstrates how play and the handling of an object can suppress overaccesive thoughts. This research resulted in a collection of playfull interior accents that are designed to interact. Each object has its own personality that triggers your imagination. Because of their undefined purpose, the curio stimulate an unconscious play with the hands that help keeping the mind at ease.


Table characters  / a souvenir for Twente

A souvenir for the Dutch province Twente. Facade Characters are wooden boards that in certain areas of the Netherlands, especially Northeast Twente,  traditionally adorn the ridge of a rooftop. People believe that these signs repel witchcraft and evil. Every single shape of the total character has it's own meaning (for example love, hope and belief).




By rotating the different shapes of these signs Puck created 3D objects that can be stacked on top of each other. In this way different functions can be assigned to each object. Stacked, the objects represent a table piece in the traditional shape of a facade sign, apart from each other they can have any function; a vase, a plate, a bowl, a paperweight.

Fearless  / analysing aerophobia

About one in five people have some fear of flying. In most cases it makes flying an uncomfortable experience, where every noise or encounter with turbulence seems to signal impending disaster. Others decide not to get on a plane at all and miss out on things they would like to do.


Sometimes the only way to stop fear from taking over is to not take the problem too serious. Because when you do, you admit that the fear is relevant, while according to the facts, it is not. This is why Puck made a set of objects which can help you reflect on your own fear during your flight in a light and easy way.


USE YOUR IMAGINATION / Sometimes it works to imagine yourself in a different place, not realizing every second that you are floating miles above the ground. The monocle can help you with looking at the situation from another perspective.

KNOW THE FACTS / The booklet helps you in two different ways. It contains a lot of simple facts about flying, visualized in squared patterns. The patterns show that the risks of flying are very, very small, compared to other daily activities. Another way to use the booklet; Distract yourself by coloring squares or playing squared games like 'boterkaaseneieren' or 'zeeslag' with your neighbour. Social contact in a plane helps you with getting out of your head.


BE SUPERSTITIOUS / The back of the booklet is made from oakwood. In most of Europe knocking wood is a superstition, and because there is no wood to find in a plane you can now take it with you!

CREATE SMALLER MISSIONS / This clock works as a timer. The maximum time you can set is an hour. In this way you can devide your flight into smaller 'missions'. First you achieve to stay calm for 1 hour, then the next and the next. To make sure  you dont freak out and look at the timer every minute, the numbers are replaced by a rotating patterns of lines which create a slowly changing visual.

DISTRACT YOURSELF  & MEDITATE / Big soft socks can give you a more relaxed and cosy feeling. The set contains 1 sock, as a distraction you can knit the second one yourself. The instructionvideo whith a gently talking voice can help you meditate and keep your mind off scary thoughts.

About  / Puck Dieben

I am Puck Dieben. I like to search for simple solutions within limitations and love to give shape to imaginative concepts. In my design process I translate my  ideas into simple yet playful objects that are characterized by a sincere, graphic form language. By doing this,I aim to capture wonder from daily life in tangible and useful design.